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Small scratches on the surface of the tableware, stains on the bottom of the tableware and the rim of the cup.

Many of these are due to imperfections in polishing. We seek daily comfort from the tableware that decorates the tabletop.

Many Japanese have such a delicate table culture.

Your favorite tableware can be used for 10 to 20 years.

At our company, in order to use beautiful tableware forever, all the staff will polish and finish with the feeling of every detail of the product.


Our Company




代表取締役 加藤博士

Our company was founded in 1934 by grandfather, whose main business is polishing and finishing pottery in Tajimi City, Gifu Prefecture, which is the production center of pottery. Our main customers are kilns and wholesale trading companies mainly in the Mino area / Seto area and the Kyushu area (Arita ware / Hasami ware).

Specific tasks include polishing the rim of a cup that specializes in the hygiene of ceramics, polishing the bottom and surface of a plate, correcting rattling caused by distortion of the vessel during the ceramic production process, and the bottom of a vessel for nursing care and pets. We are thinking of responding to all inquiries from customers regarding anti-slip by pasted silicon around and other processing technology for pottery.

At present, we are the only company in Japan that has a main business in the ceramics processing(polishing)industry, such as our company. Many years of experience, maintenance and survival of the only one company (porcelain processing), as an indispensable company in the pottery industry, and what kind of performance can we perform for you? All of our staff are working on their daily work while aiming for high professionalism and technical improvement.

CEO  Hiroshi Kato

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